CLinical Chemistry / Immunoassay

Our range of clinical chemistry reagents are used in measuring liver and renal function, lipid values, and more to help physicians diagnose and monitor patients. Through proprietary latex technology, we have also developed high-sensitivity reagents that can exclusively be used on certain instruments, as well as new reagents for biomarker measurement. This allows us to meet an even wider range of global diagnostic needs.


Our product lineup ranges from blood glucose control markers such as hemoglobin A1c and glycoalbumin, in addition to biomarkers for complication management and prediction involving insulin and other hormones, urinary L-FABP, urinary trace albumin and cystatin C. We contribute to diabetes medical examination by providing timely and accurate data to medical professionals and patients, during diagnosis and in understanding pathophysiology, follow-up and complication management.



Our compact instruments are effective in confined spaces and can quickly process a large number of samples. This contributes to a wide range of laboratory and diagnostics testing, including screening tests for blood coagulation abnormalities to biomarkers.


Point-of-Care Testing

Our point-of-care testing (POCT) product line includes quantitative and qualitative tests based on immunochromatography technology developed over many years. These tests are especially crucial in diagnoses that require rapid response, such as infectious disease and immunology tests. In addition to using immunochromatography readers, we also provide molecular diagnostic products that support POCT.

Pre-Analytical Systems

We’ve achieved the world’s first practical implementation of vacuum blood collection tubes made from high-strength plastic. In addition to safety, functionality and ease of use, the development of high-speed coagulation blood collection tubes has helped to shorten testing time and improve accuracy. We also supply components for vacuum blood collection tubes internationally, such as serum separation gel and blood clotting accelerant that are widely acclaimed for their performance.